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After many years and hundreds of project weeks, our team has created a mixed programme we believe will greatly benefit your pupils language skills, whilst also giving them a fun and entertaining week to look back on with a smile.

Above, we have a colour coded example of the programme that we like to use in Volksschulen. Each of our English trainers has their own style and specialities, which means that some parts of the programme vary slightly from trainer to trainer. We like to play to our strengths!

Red - Represents written work

Yellow – Represents specific vocabulary based lessons. We like to make learning vocabulary fun with simple games such as bingo! 

Green - Represents game time!

Blue - Represents song time (Josh loves to get the children singing and writing English songs!).

Pink - Represents creative drawing exercises. 

On Fridays of our five-day projects we like to invite the parents, teachers and other pupils to a presentation of the weeks work!